Most Innovative Designers of 2016 – Building Magazine

When Georgina Turvey set up PEEK Architecture & Design roughly nine years ago, the firm started out small, but quickly found itself gaining work through word of mouth from other professions and happy clients. Their client base now ranges from end users to developers and companies, who require a very tailored approach to their project as well as careful management of all the permissions and constraints you face with Central London developments.


According to Georgina, each site and client is different, and has to be treated that way. This is a key element of the way that she does business with her growing clientele. “It is paramount to assess the restrictions of the site first, and what is architecturally possible, before making promises you can’t keep to a client,” she observes. “It is also important to get the client to define their brief again and again, interview them on requirements, their needs, their dream spaces. This confidently transpires into a scheme. Also, in most cases the constraints on a city site can create the most interesting outcomes’’.


This approach guarantees that Georgina and her team at PEEK always practice what they preach, following through on each of their promises for clients and other professionals alike. “We build about 75 per cent of the projects that come through our door,” she says, “and we go into great detail when designing and drawing all aspects of a build. Whether it’s providing 1:1 templates for each tread of a spiral staircase or building stainless steel light fittings ourselves because we can’t find the right product on the market. We enjoy the process of turning a design prototype into a reality.”


“We’ve experienced that clients are becoming more aware about the quality of design,” she observes. “Not just for the latest fads, but they also want a design that is integral with the architecture it inhabits, more timeless. It’s not cool anymore to have huge air conditioning systems, alongside massive, ugly speakers and a media room lit up like Heathrow Airport. People want understated, lo-fi, sophistication.

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